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Project Manager



  • Oversight of Shop Drawings, Submittals, and submittal log.
  • Ensure Drawings are updated with As-Built information relating to ASIs, RFIs, PRs, and any field conditions.
  • Facilitate all Meeting Minutes (Owner, Subcontractor (unless done by Superintendent), or Coordination Meetings) and ensure proper documentation and distribution is done in a timely manner.
  • Organize and Develop Punchlist with Superintendent at completion of project.
  • Responsible for gathering of Full & Final change orders, warranty letters, O&M documentation, and all closeout related items.
  • Understanding of content related to RFI questions.
  • Understanding of drawings and specifications as well as constructability of field related issues.
  • Knowledge of schedule and tracking of procurement of long lead items.
  • Understands, follows and leads project team in relation to the RYTAN Safety program.
  • Oversight, understanding, and execution of subcontractor change order pricing received.
  • Ensuring conformance of materials to be installed have met the submittal documentation.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Project.
  • Understand and Track all change management items – subcontractor change orders, CUAs, AUAs, PCOs, and CORs.  Maintain accurate contingency and PCO logs and present to Owners/Architects.
  • Establish the baseline schedule and work with Superintendent on all updates.
  • Negotiate, write and execute all subcontract agreements.  Understand all components of the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Manage and track accounts receivable. Maintain a positive cash flow.  Track all subcontractor and Owner billings to ensure payments are being received and made.
  • Lead all accurate monthly reporting to Leadership (Sharepoint and PSR updates).
  • Establishing and maintaining a relationship and trust with Architect, Owner, and Subcontractors.  
  • Support and contribution to Pre-Con Department during GMP process.
  • Provide some engagement during Pre-Con hand-off of GMP
  • Effectively communicate to all team members and project participants to solve challenges and issues on the project.
  • Anticipate and take active steps to manage risk on the project.  Report accurately to Leadership as necessary.
  • Provide Assistance to Warranty for any background information needed for warranty calls.


Red first aid kit essential for medical careers, with a white cross on the front.


Dental careers care tools icon featuring a tooth, a dental mirror, and a probe.


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A hand inserting a coin into a piggy bank shaped like a rocking chair to support future careers.


Upward trending arrow over a bar graph depicting career advancements.


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